Fishing Bobber With Copper Lead Fishing Float For Sea Fishing Carp Fishing Tackle Accessories


1. Fishing floats play a great role in fishing, offer a fish position for you and warn you where the fishing area is.
2. This type of float is made from Balsa wood material, high intensity and durable, high quality and long life.
3. Bigbelly buoys are absolutely eye-catching and efficient fishing.
4. Powerful buoys and high sensitivity, practical and efficient.
5. Suitable for various fishing methods.
Material:Barguzinsky Fir Float,Copper
Float Type:Floating float
Category:Vertical Buoy
Sport Type:Fishing
Drifting Tail Type:Hard Tail
Package Included:
1x Fishing Float BobberCT0750(1)CT0750(2)CT0750(3)CT0750(4)CT0750(5)CT0750(6)CT0750(7)CT0750(8)CT0750(10)CT0750(11)CT0750(12)CT0750-001CT0750-002CT0750-003CT0750-004

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 10.0 × 8.0 × 8.0 cm

black 2 2g, black 3 2g, black 4 2g, black 5 2g, blue 2 2g, blue 3 2g, blue 4 2g, blue 5 2g, red 2 2g, red 3 2g, red 4 2g, red 5 2g, yellow 2 2g, yellow 3 2g, yellow 4 2g, yellow 5 2g

Brand Name


Float Type

Floating Float


Vertical Buoy


Floating float


Rock Fishing Buoy

Product Type

Fishing Float


Ocean Boat Fishing

Drifting Tail Type

Hard Tail

Plastic Type

Barguzinsky Fir Float-Copper


Barguzinsky Fir Float-Copper

Model Number

Floating Float


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